SUV found abandoned in Spokane River

SPOKANE, Wash. - Investigators are trying to figure out why a vehicle ended up upside down in the Spokane River and where the driver is.

The SUV went off Ohio Match Road, down a steep hill and landed in the water.

A full-response water rescue was launched after a jogger reported seeing a car upside down in the river just after 8 a.m.  

When crews arrived, they found tire tracks that went approximately 300 feet down the hill from Ohio Match Road and a vehicle in the water 15 feet from the shore.

abandoned suv in spokane river

When a Spokane fire rescue boat approached the partially submerged vehicle the doors were found shut and no one was inside.

"It went over at a spot where the curb was broken. We didn't see any accelerator marks so it didn't appear to be an accident. That's not to say it couldn't, but it didn't appear to be. It's a very steep drop about 250 to 300 feet, so it gathered up a lot of speed," Sergeant Sean Nemec with the Spokane Police Department said.

Rescue crews combed the banks of the river but never found anyone.

The license plate was ripped off the vehicle, but police were able to trace it back to western Washington. As of Monday morning the vehicle was not reported stolen.

Now investigators are trying to figure out how the SUV ended up on this side of the state in the Spokane River.