Suspicious fire damages building, cars at Spokane used auto dealership

Susipicious fire damages building, cars at Spokane used auto dealership

SPOKANE, Wash. - Fire investigators are looking into a suspicious fire that started early Wednesday morning at A and M Auto near the intersection of Sprague and Smith in east Spokane.

Four cars, two motorcycles, and a small building were damaged at the used car lot. Investigators say they heard reports of criminal activity at the car lot, including the possibility someone threw a Molotov cocktail into the lot.

Neighbor Glenda Davis, who lives near the car lot, was woken up by firefighters fighting the fire early Wednesday morning.

"They said 'Don't you know the place is on fire,'" she said.

Davis and other witnesses weren't surprised that this happened and added it wasn't an accident.

"Not a doubt in my mind because there was some Molotov cocktails thrown like four nights ago and we got those out immediately, so but this time they did a good job," she said.

Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer says those reports are being taken seriously; investigators are also following up on a claim that the owner of this business was stabbed recently because of a bad business deal.

"But that's unsubstantiated," Schaeffer said. "We still have to dig through that the investigator just arrived, we have a lot of forensic evidence to go through and we have got a lot of people to talk to."

There's no estimate yet on how much damage was done at the car lot.