Suspects plead not guilty to WWII vet's beating death

SPOKANE, Wash. - Adams-Kinard Glenn not guilty pleas

The two suspects in the beating death of WWII vet Delbert Belton entered not guilty pleas Thursday on charges of murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery in Spokane Superior Court.

Kenan Adams-Kinard and Demetrius Glenn were arraigned by video conference Thursday afternoon to a courtroom packed with supporters of the two juveniles who are the suspects in Delbert "Shorty" Belton's killing, as well as friends of Shorty who were outraged by the court proceedings.

After each teen's arraignment the court set their trial dates for Nov. 4.

While the two teens pleaded not guilty to killing and robbing Belton, forensic evidence, including their fingerprints, were found on Belton's vehicle, and Adams-Kinard confessed to his role in the attack to a group of juvenile friends and wrote a note about his and Glenn's involvement in the attack in the hours prior to his arrest on Aug. 26.

Adams-Kinard's father was in the courtroom during the arraignment and said afterward he supports his son's not guilty plea. Ted Denison, a friend of Shorty Belton's who attended the arraignment said he was outraged by their pleas.

"The kid writes a letter to his mom admitting this crap and now they are going to play not guilty … that's bull it's just one of those things I don't agree with at all," Denison said.

Denison was with Belton as he was unloaded from the ambulance at Sacred Heart Medical Center. He said he plans to be at every court hearing and thinks the teens should get the death penalty.

Belton was beaten and left for dead in his car near the Eagles Lodge at 6321 N. Addison on the evening of Aug. 21, sparking outrage internationally over the attack. He died from his injuries the following morning. More than 700 people, many of them strangers, attended his funeral service.