Suspect confesses to bank robberies in jailhouse interview

SPOKANE - Treadway confesses to two bank robberies

A suspected bank robber confesses to robbing two banks in a jailhouse interview with KXLY.

31-year-old Alex Treadway was arrested on Saturday. He's accused of robbing Banner Bank on November 14th and Washington Trust Bank on November 25th.

Treadway owned up to both crimes saying he was in a desperate situation and needed money.

When asked if he robbed the two banks, Treadway responded by saying, "Yeah, you guys seen my picture didn't you? Does it look like me?"

During the jailhouse interview, Treadway was very up front - saying he made off with $3,500 total from both bank robberies.

"It was more spur of the moment. It wasn't any pre-meditation or anything. I didn't have any plan or nothing," he said.

Treadway says he's a drug addict and alcoholic and in his mind, he simply didn't have any other options but now he says, it wasn't worth it.

"If I could make the decision different, I would have and I want to apologize to the two tellers if they were traumatized," Treadway said.

Acting on a tip, Spokane Police were able to arrest Treadway on Saturday, without incident.

"The patrol and anti-crimes team had been working vigorously over the last week to find him and arrest him and that all culminated yesterday," Lt. Alan Arnzen with the Spokane Police Department said.

Treadway hasn't been convicted yet but he's already preparing for a life behind bars.

"I'll be in prison for a number of years for doing this for a little amount of money and that's how random and stupid the decision was," Treadway said.

Treadway is in jail on two counts of robbery. He's expected to have his first court appearance Monday afternoon.