Suspect arrested for Garland District drive-by shooting

Suspect arrested for Garland District drive-by shooting

SPOKANE, Wash. - A suspect has been arrested for Saturday's drive by shooting in the Garland District.

Marshall Barkdull was booked Thursday on three counts of first degree assault.

Barkdull is believed to have shot Christopher Prusch at his apartment on Walton Avenue. He was arrested after investigators found his blue Chevy Tahoe. Court documents show that in the impound process Barkdull showed up at the scene in a small car and was arrested shortly after. 

Court documents show that multiple witnesses heard a vehicle honking near Walton and Post and noticed a dark blue SUV parked outside the victim's apartment. Moments later they heard gunshots from the vehicle and saw Prusch fall to the ground near his apartment door.

Police recovered three bullets, including one which struck Prusch in his abdomen. Prusch recalls seeing a large white male in the driver's seat with a female passenger, and he believes whoever shot him was sitting behind the driver and used a short barreled silver revolver.

Prusch told detectives that he had an altercation with his neighbor earlier that day where he brandished a short barreled revolver which he believes is the same one he saw from the incident.

A witness recognized the Chevy Tahoe and told detectives it belonged to a friend of the neighbor who Prusch had been in an altercation with. The Tahoe was identified as Barkdull's.   

Barkdull is being held on $250,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court again for his arraignment on March 4.