Suspect apologizes for kidnapping attempt, harassing Geno's patrons

SPOKANE, Wash. - There were some tense moments for diners at Geno's restaurant on North Hamilton Tuesday night when, according to police, Travis Floyd tried to kidnap a woman who was walking nearby and, when she ran into the restaurant, things escalated quickly.

In a jailhouse interview Wednesday Floyd, 34, admitted to everything that happened and said he was very sorry about what happened Tuesday night.

What happened is that around 8 p.m. Tracy Riddle was walking near the Gonzaga University campus listening to music. And then she ran into Floyd.

Geno's kidnapping attempt folo vo

"Guy came up behind me, said he needed help and that I needed to go across the street with him and that he had a gun, took my phone," Riddle said.

Riddle, however, was quick on her feet and took cover inside Geno's.

"She did the smart thing and she ran into a business establishment that was open to get help from some fellow citizens, so rather than try to run off in the neighborhood she was able to run and seek safety," Spokane Police Captain Brad Arleth said.

But Floyd followed and things quickly escalated. While inside, he started throwing chairs and threatening to shoot customers and grabbed one customer by the throat when police arrived.

"I don't know. I snapped. I have mental problems," Floyd said in a jailhouse interview Wednesday, where he explained that he has a "twisted mind" and has been on drugs for years.

He apologized for his actions to Geno's patrons.

"No one deserved to be eating their dinner at Geno's and have all my problems summed up in one lump sum at their front door," he said.

"This guy was very disorderly, very aggressive and very hostel and very threatening," Arleth said.

As for Riddle, she's doing alright.

"A little shaken up and scared but other than that happy to be alive," she said.

Floyd, on the other hand, isn't doing so great. He's facing kidnapping, robbery and felony harassment charges. He made his first appearance in court Wednesday, where his bond was set at $200,000. His next court hearing is in two weeks.