Suspect accused of sending ricin-laced letters appears in court

SPOKANE, Wash. - Matthew Buquet, the Spokane man accused of sending ricin-laced letters to the Spokane Post Office, had the chance to argue for his release Tuesday.

Buquet is charged with one count of mailing threatening communication. He sat in court joking with his attorney, but when the U.S. District Court Magistrate entered the courtroom, the joking stopped.

Buquet's attorneys waved his right to the bail hearing, meaning bail was not set and he'll remain in federal custody.

The judge had Buquet up to the podium and asked if he understood what that meant. Buquet said yes. She also asked if there was anything preventing him from understanding, like illness. He said no.

Ricin suspect appears in court

One of Buquet's attorneys said they have not been able to look at the evidence so this is a natural move. They'll work with the prosecutors to do that.

There may be another hearing in a couple of weeks.