Surveillance video captures suspect firing at murder victim

SPOKANE, Wash. - Surveillance video

Surveillance video, of a deadly double shooting in North Spokane, shows murder suspect Shannon Johnson firing his pistol at least eight times at a pair of men inside a neighborhood grocery store in Hillyard.

Johnson's murder trial got underway at Spokane Superior Court on Tuesday and prosecutors wasted little time playing the surveillance video for the jury and then heard testimony from Jason Brown, who managed to survive the shooting.

Brown was shot twice during the New Year's incident and spent weeks recovering from a pair of bullet wounds. On Wednesday Brown faced Johnson, the man who pulled the trigger, and told the jury his friend, David Lougin and Johnson were arguing over a borrowed gun.

Brown thought he had diffused the situation by driving Lougin out of the area to a nearby convenience store, but Johnson apparently followed the pair and then walked inside the grocery with a gun in his pocket. 

The surveillance video shows Johnson and Lougin walk back outside the store and that's when Johnson pulled his gun out and opened fire.

Even after Lougin fell to the ground, Johnson shoots into his motionless body and then turned his gun on Brown, who was shot twice. Johnson then fled the scene on foot.

When the video is slowed down it shows Lougin, the murder victim, reaching into his pocket. Johnson's defense attorney thinks that's Lougin pulling a gun; when police arrived at the crime scene they found a pistol in Lougin's hand.

Johnson's attorney claims his client acted in self-defense but prosecutors say the victim was walking away when he was shot and will remind the jury Johnson ran from police instead of sticking around to justify his actions.