Surveillance video captures New Year's Eve shooting

SPOKANE, Wash. - Shannon Johnson trial

Police say Shannon Lee Johnson gunned down two men during a New Year's Eve dispute and now security cameras are now making Johnson's jury witnesses to the shooting.

When Jason Brown saw the video he couldn't take his eyes off the TV screen; he watched as he saw himself get shot twice and fall to the ground.

"When I met Shannon for the first time he was quite well-mannered and polite," Brown said on the witness stand Wednesday.

Johnson is suspected of gunning down a man at a neighborhood grocery store in Hillyard after a dispute over a borrowed gun. Shooting victim David Lougin wanted the pistol back and earlier in the evening had gone to Johnson's girlfriend's mother's home to demand its return.

"When Shannon's girlfriend came out I could hear David yelling at her is when I walked up to him and told him it was time to go," Brown recalled.

Brown and Lougin then drove to the grocery to buy some cranberry juice and that's where Johnson caught up with the two men  More angry words about the borrowed gun were exchanged inside and Lougin elbowed Johnson. That's when, according to eyewitnesses and the surveillance video shows, Johnson shooting Lougin multiple times.

Brown told the court Wednesday about what happened in the seconds before the gunfire.

"When Shannon came into the store the first thing that I remember that came out of his mouth is 'Why do you go up to my girl's house acting like an ass?'" he said.

Lougin died at the scene and when police rolled over his body he had a pistol in his hand. That's one reason why Johnson can say he was acting in self defense. However the fact that he fled from the scene and hid from police makes that more difficult to prove in court.