Support growing for gun toting baristas

Support growing for gun toting baristas

SPOKANE, Wash. - Droves of people flocked to Jitterz Java for a cup of Joe Wednesday in support of gun toting baristas, the coffee stand's plan to scare off robbers attracting quite the crowd.

Not everyone who stopped by Jitterz Java Wednesday were wanting to get a caffeinated pick me up. Some people stopped by to show their support for the coffee stand's decision to arm their baristas.

Fed up with recent robberies, baristas like Krystal Cogswell are stirring up coffee with a gun attached to their hip. It's quickly become the talk of the town and is even showing up on TV stations as far away as Rhode Island.

In just a few days, Cogswell has been thrust into the spotlight. A picture of Cogswell working in the stand with a .38 Special on her hip has received nearly 4,000 likes on Facebook and hundreds have shared her story.

"I had a few people specially come just to say 'Hey congrats on carrying your weapon on you and being prepared,' some literally just came to support us and that's it," she said.

Cogswell says a few people have even dropped off their business cards and brought their guns too. She said reaction has been mostly positive.

"Or people that will bring their own guns and be like I have some too, it's like show and tell," she said.