Superheroes cleaning up Spokane, one window at a time

West Coast Window Cleaning dress up like superheroes to surprise young patients

Superheroes cleaning up Spokane, one window at a time

SPOKANE, Wash. - Clark Kent is a newspaper reporter, Peter Parker is a photographer, Bruce Wayne is a billionaire philanthropist, Bruce Banner is a physicist and Tony Stark is, well, a billionaire playboy.

On Friday they all left their day jobs to wash the windows -- and have some fun with the patients -- at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Iron Man, Mr. Incredible and Batman -- joined by Robin, who looked suspiciously like mild-mannered KXLY reporter Casey Lund -- roped up and rappelled over the top of Sacred Heart Children's Hospital to wash the windows on behalf of West Coast Window Cleaning.

The window washing surprised the young patients inside, who woke up to see the superheroes rappelling outside early Friday morning.

The event was hosted by West Coast Window Cleaning and the Children's Miracle Network.

Superman and Iron Man were unavailable for questions as to why they didn't fly. Spiderman was asked not to use his web-slinging skills as that would have required additional cleaning after the windows were washed.

Reportedly, due to OSHA concerns, The Hulk was asked to rappel so as to avoid him HULK SMASHING the hospital.