Super Bowl win boosts local economy

Super Bowl win boosts local economy

SPOKANE, Wash. - Not only have Seahawk fans been buying their Super Bowl championship swag, some of them make their own.

This win is benefiting the local economy in more ways than one. 

"We're printing Super Bowl championship shirts," George Badner of Zome Design said. "We've been here since seven o'clock last night, and we'll be here until about four p.m. this afternoon."

Workers at Zome Design are pumping out roughly 600 shirts an hour.

While the shirts won't be sold in the Spokane area, the win has allowed the company to employ people into their slow season. 

"If we didn't have this kind of business coming in there would be printers and support staff receiving either reduced hours or, unfortunately, laid off, but we've been able to keep them employed through all of this," Badner said.

The shirts printed at Zome are heading to Seattle, but there are other places to shop in Spokane for championship gear.

Sharon Johnston was at Dick's Sporting Goods finding something for herself.

"I love having the ball," Johnston said. "I love that, I love that and I think that's cool."

Susan Mitchell also went shopping today for her four grandchildren in Idaho. 

"I raced here," Mitchell said. "I was going to do other things but I thought, I  better come here first and get these sweatshirts, and I'm glad I did because there are no more XL sweatshirts on that table."

Meanwhile, car parts and accessories are flying off the shelves at Napa Auto Parts in Spokane stores.

The retailer is offering a 43 percent discount for in-store purchases until Feb. 5 to match the Seahawks points in last night's game. 

The move is bringing in big crowds for big deals.

Matt Gerdes had $650 worth of items for his Ford Focus. He saved up the money for months and was pleasantly surprised when he checked out.

"I'm benefiting big time from the Seahawks," Gerdes said.