Storm damages Spokane family's home

Storm damages Spokane family's home

SPOKANE, Wash. - Residents all throughout Spokane are left picking up the pieces from Wednesday night's storm.

Jerry Bowers and his wife were on their way to California when he received a call from his neighbor saying Bowers' home received extensive damage.

"It's just... It's just hitting me right now," Bowers said.

After eight years in the house, the Bowers' have made it a home.

Jerry's wife suffers from Myopathy, a form of Multiple Sclerosis.

"It's all one level so she can get around a lot easier. No stairs, no basements, it's progressing," Bowers said.

The couple was headed to California to visit family when they received an unexpected call from their neighbor.

"... And said your house is demolished. I can tell you what your comforter is and I can see your bed frame... Everything!" Bowers said.

The Bowers raced home only to be greeted by the worst possible image.

"We lost everything in the bedrooms, all of our clothes, plus it's all damaged. We'll try and clean what we can but the tree is right in the middle of the bed," Bowers said.

Aside from completely collapsing the bedrooms, the tree has damaged the structure of the home as well. Jerry said insurance will cover the structural damage, but as far as removing the tree trunk and debris from the property...

"They told me basically they're going to cover $500 for tree removal and move the tree out of the house so they can see what the damage is. And the rest is up to me. For the disposal of all this mess," Bowers said.

Bowers says with the amount of debris, he will be left paying hundreds out of pocket. Contractors estimated it would take at least five dumpster truck loads to clear the area.

But despite the expense and inconvenience, Bowers says he is thankful they weren't home.

"If this happened in the middle of the night, both of us would be dead," Bowers said.

The Bowers will be living out of their motor home until they can make their house liveable again.