Storm damages South Hill garage

Storm damages South Hill garage

SPOKANE, Wash. - Wednesday afternoon's powerful storm system caused damage on Spokane's South Hill, including a tree crashing down on a garage near 23rd and Bernard.

Homeowner Beverly Thamm says she was inside her house around 3 p.m. on Wednesday. She said she heard a huge wind gust and a horrific crash. She saw dust fly by and when she looked outside she couldn't believe her eyes.

"All of a sudden everything just went cloudy and then a boom.... And then a boom... A terrific, terrific crash," said Thamm.

Thamm says she has lived at the residence for 49 years and has never seen anything like it.

As of Wednesday night, the power was still off in Thamm's home. She was concerned about getting it back on.

It is not going to be easy to clean up all of the destruction, but Thamm has a positive attitude; She says she is just thankful to be alive.