State grades Spokane-area schools

State grades Spokane-area schools

SPOKANE, Wash. - As the school year approaches parents can check to see how their child's school stacks up to the rest, as the Board of Education has a new Washington state achievement index that grades schools from exemplary down to the lowest five percent.

So how many schools earned top marks in the Spokane school district?

Just two, Wilson Elementary and the Libby Center.

"Just like it's important to know about the schools that are doing really well, it's important to know about the schools that are not doing so well," said Chris Cargill with the Washington Policy Center.

The Washington Policy Center has taken the index and broken it down.

"Overall about 14 percent of schools in the Spokane area were ranked in the top two categories, A or B, exemplary or very good, but 40-percent of schools finished no better than fair and that tells us we really have a lot of work to do," said Cargill.

The top school in the Spokane school district is Wilson Elementary, scoring an exemplary, or A grade, while the worst in the district was Holmes Elementary, which was in the lowest five percent, or F minus.

The highest performing in the Central Valley School District is Chester Elementary; in the Mead School District its Mt. Spokane High School; in East Valley its East Valley High School and, finally, in West Valley the top school is Seth Woodard Elementary.

Travis Schulhauser with the Spokane school district said it's more than just a ranking, it's what makes up that grade that counts, including factors like graduation rate and proficiency.

"If you are scoring low, is it in proficiency, is it in student growth percentiles and where is it," said Schulhauser, who is the district's director of assessment and program effectiveness.

He encourages concerned parents to get involved with their child's school, ask questions and find out its plans.

"Our schools are excellent about developing school improvement plans, really connecting strategic data to them and then watching the schools grow over the course of the year," said Schulhauser.

Most schools in the Spokane school district fell into the good and fair category, or C and D grades.

To see how all schools were ranked by the Board of Education, click here.