State gives Straub waiver to earn police commission

BURIEN, , Wash. - Frank Straub is one step closer to becoming Spokane's next police chief after criminal justice training officials in western Washington decided Straub could earn his police commission without attending a five month long academy.

No one wants to work for a boss who's never done the grunt work but during the past 28 years Spokane Director of Law Enforcement Frank Straub says he's done a little bit of everything from crime scene investigations to homicide investigations, car stops to first aid, defensive driving to defensive tactics.

When asked what his experience as a law enforcement officer was on Tuesday, Straub spent nearly seven minutes detailing his experiences with departments large and small.

Frank Straub granted waiver vo

"Did child abuse investigations, did narcotics investigations. I then went to the Department of Justice inspector general. I was there for nine years. A year of my nine yeas there I did undercover work, bought drugs, bought guns," he said.

On Wednesday Straub made his case to the Washington Criminal Justice Training Commission, asking for a waiver that would allow him to take a 9-week online course. The class teaches the unique aspects of Washington law versus Indiana, where he just came from.

The only other option would have been for Straub to enroll in a five month program at the police academy in Burien if the commission had not approved his waiver.

"I think that after 28 years of being in this business I can demonstrate that I've done real police work both at the federal level and at the local and state level," he said.

Now that the commission has granted his waiver Straub will be tested on a nine-week course which, if and when he passes, he will then be sworn in as Spokane's next police chief.