STA ridership up 43-percent since 2005

STA ridership up 43-percent since 2005

SPOKANE, Wash. - More people are ditching their cars for other modes of transportation, as national public transit numbers are up to their highest levels since the 1950s.

Dodging traffic is not something Brandon Chapman does. He gets around town without getting behind the wheel.

"I ride the bus about once or twice a day," Chapman said.

He's not alone; last year Spokane Transit gave over 11 million rides.

"I like riding the bus because Division is really, really busy most of the time, and I don't have to drive around, and a lot safer in the snow, I let the bus driver take care of the driving," Chapman said.

Everyone has a reason why they use public transit, whether it be rising gas prices or an effort to reduce congestion.

"Usually I ride the bus to save money and it's easier and simpler, than having a car and car expenses," Yauve Tharps said.

It seems more people are doing the same thing.

"2013 was our third highest ridership year ever," Steve Blaska with Spokane Transit Authority said.

Blaska added that since 2005 ridership is up a staggering 43-percent. Last year mass transit numbers grew to their highest levels in almost 60 years.

"Part of it is the economy, part of it is, once people are kind of interested in looking at alternatives with fuel prices, they find out they like it," he said.