STA Plaza renovation delayed

STA Plaza renovation delayed

SPOKANE, Wash. - The STA board announced in May a $4.7 million renovation on the Plaza, but it may be some time before riders actually see those changes.

Plans to renovate the STA Plaza have been in place since 2008 but the down economy delayed the process.

Now the delay continues, at least for another three months according to Steve Stevens, CEO of Greater Spokane Inc.

"We felt strongly that it would be in the best interest of the community if we just took a little more time to evaluate the project in terms of does it really meet some of the goals of what the reconstruction was to do," said Stevens.

Stevens said one of those goals, get people off the street.

"Currently some of the activity that goes on around it is by folks who are not really here to use transit," said Stevens.  

Stevens said there is a history of people loitering outside the Plaza and nearby establishments hindering business, as well as using the facilities for illegal activities.

Ashley Paulus frequents the STA Plaza, she said she wished the plaza felt more inviting.

"It's pretty bad sometimes but it all depends on the people," said Paulus. 

She said It would give her a bigger sense of security waiting for the bus.

"Most of the time when I'm here by myself I stand outside I don't come in, I just stand out right by the wall and keep to myself and don't talk to anyone," said Paulus. 

STA board member Mike Allen said the board and surrounding businesses will use the three month extension to come up with a compromise.

"Considering this started in 2008 holding it for three more months to make sure all of our partners are on board understand and we've addressed their concerns makes a ton of sense," said Allen.

All parties can agree that with the amount of money being spent, "We just want to make sure we do it right," said Stevens.