STA Plaza flashing suspect claims officer, victim lied

STA Plaza flashing suspect claims officer, victim lied

SPOKANE, Wash. - A registered sex offender will find out Thursday if he'll be convicted of exposing himself to a teenager at the STA Bus Plaza.

Billy Ogan's trial lasted just one day in part because he wanted to act as his own attorney.

Ogan said security video of the incident shows he's innocent.

With more than two dozen felony arrests under his belt, Ogan is no stranger to the legal system.

"I should note the state dealt with Mr. Ogan in January of 2014 for very similar type charges and he's back with new allegations of indecent exposure," deputy prosecutor Eugene Cruz said.

He allegedly exposed himself to a 16-year-old girl at the STA Plaza just after wrapping up a 90-day sentence for the same crime up on the South Hill.

Witnesses say Ogan was shouting obscenities and pushing other passengers when he walked over to the new smoking area and asked the teen she wanted him to expose himself. The girl declined and Spokane Police said surveillance video from the bus plaza shows Ogan went ahead and did it anyway.

However in his motion to dismiss the charge against him, Ogan wrote, "the videotape clearly shows that Mr. Ogan did not commit the crime" and "the so-called victim and arresting officer Meyers lied."

The judge in the case decided he wanted to hear testimony and on Tuesday in court the victim said the indecent exposure had in fact happened.

Indecent exposure with sexual motivation is a gross misdemeanor and Ogan's extensive felony history can't be used against him. That means if he is found guilty Thursday, Ogan could spend 10 months in the Spokane County Jail.