STA looking into bus fleet's future with all-electric bus

STA looking into bus fleet's future with all-electric bus

SPOKANE, Wash. - STA is looking into the future of its fleet during March by testing out an all-electric, zero emissions bus.

The bus will be running on a handful of routes across Spokane this month.

"We are interested in this new technology because we are going to be replacing our entire fix route fleet starting in about 2018 and 2019," Steve Blaska with STA said.

The buses are a promising alternative and Blaska said riders should notice it's not as noisy as the other buses.

"It's quiet; in fact, one of the things, the driver of the bus last week noted is that passengers tend to be quiet, it's almost like riding on a library," he said.

The electric bus takes four hours to recharge and runs about 150 miles per charge. However the cost of the bus is double that of a diesel-powered bus.

STA isn't buying the buses just yet, but rather looking at them as an option for the future.

"This is just a chance for us to look at, all electric as the state of art today," Blaska said.