Spokanites flock to Riverfront Park to beat the heat

Spokanites flock to Riverfront Park to beat the heat

SPOKANE, Wash. - With temperatures flirting with triple-digits on Sunday, people took to Riverfront Park to beat the heat.

"We are going to wander down the Centennial Trail further down the Spokane River and hit some cool swimming spots down there," Seth Walser said.

Walser was one of the many that spent the afternoon dancing around in the park's fountain. Jenni Ethington brought her daughters out before it got too hot.

"We just came out to cool of before it gets to be a hundred," Ethington said. "We think it's going to reach a hundred today."

Spokane was projected to reach 100 degrees on Sunday. It didn't happen, but it still could this week. If it does, it would be a first in a long time. How long? Before we give the answer we asked some people when they thought the last time Spokane reached the triple digits.

"Last year, I'm thinking. I don't know. Did it even get up to hundred last year? I don't think it did," Walser said.

"I don't know," Michelle James said. "Maybe a few years ago."

"Was it last summer," Joe Vienhage said. "No, five years ago."?

Many were surprised to find out that it's actually been since August 1, 2009.

"That does surprise me," Ethington said. "I didn't know it's been that long."

Regardless if temperatures are in the triple-digits, some think it's the best kind of weather you can ask for.

"I grew up here, this is probably the best weather in the world," Vienhage said. "I go all over the east coast, Hawaii, I'd pick this over anything."?

James agrees and hopes everyone will embrace it while it lasts.

"We complain all winter about it being cold and in summer we complain it being hot, so you just have to enjoy the day," she said.