Spokane woman preps for Boston Marathon

Spokane woman preps for Boston Marathon

SPOKANE, Wash. - The 118th Boston Marathon will be held on April 21, 2014. With just eight days until the big race, many runners are not only preparing for the 26.2 miles, but the emotion the day will bring as well.

Bryanna Petrie will be running in her third Boston Marathon. She walked past the scene of the explosion that killed three people and injured over 260 people, just ten minutes before the bombs went off.

"It was very surreal it was horrific," said Petrie.

Petrie spoke with KXLY the day of the marathon and said she wasn't sure she would ever run a big race like Boston again.

"But weeks went by and you're hearing all the stories of just how amazing the running community was and all the heroes of that day, and I told my husband we're going back, I'm going to run it next year," said Petrie.

Petrie will be one of 36,000 runners, 9,000 more than last year. Like many of those runners, her motivation this year is a little different.

"This year it's more about running in honor of all of those who can't or who have lost their lives and been affected way more than I was," said Petrie.

Petrie said that she has nerves for the race, but doesn't think anything horrific will happen again.

"I think I'm just more nervous about how it's going to affect me emotionally on race day because I'm sure I'm going to cry," said Petrie.

She is anxiously awaiting the loud crowds, the joy of running, and the Boston Strong spirit.

"You always say you'll never forget Boston but I think this one will be different in why you won't forget it," said Petrie.