Spokane woman fed up with property crime

Spokane woman fed up with property crime

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane woman who's been a victim of property crime multiple times, says she's fed up, and something more needs to be done within the city.

Carole Bullock said this is now her 4th time being a victim of property crime at her home and business. She said she's frustrated with the amount of property crime in the city, and with the way the police handle these types of cases.

"It's really a violation, I feel so violated," said Bullock.

In 2012, her car was stolen and her home broken into.

This summer, property was stolen from her spa in downtown Spokane.

And Tuesday night, she was hit again.

"The perpetrator stole two guns, some cash, our passports, my checkbook, register for our business, so some serious stuff," said Bullock.

Bullock told KXLY 4 News she's not happy with the way police handled this case on Tuesday, as well as her other property crimes.

"It was like pulling teeth to get them to take fingerprints and take any evidence back," said Bullock.

The Spokane Police Department says DNA isn't typically collected at property crime scenes.

"Property crimes, unfortunately, there is such a back log on the serious felonies, person on person felonies, even if we could take them on property crimes, the state crime lab wouldn't be able to process them," said Spokane Police Cpl. Teresa Fuller.

Police understand the frustrations, and say officers rely on citizens to be the eyes and ears, and report crimes and suspicious activity.

Bullock says it's time for more to be done.

"I'd really like to see some kind of Facebook group, some kind of public meeting, some kind of large organization than me that can bring all the victims together," said Bullock. "Let's talk about it, let's honesty talk about how much crime is happening in this city."

Cpl. Fuller said it's a problem rooted in mental illness and addiction that we need to solve as a community.

"It's a full society issue that everybody in the community has ownership in helping solve, not just the police department," said Cpl. Fuller.

The Spokane Police Department wants to remind people to always report suspicious activity and property crimes to Crime Check. Even if it doesn't seem like police are responding right away, SPD says that information is put into a data base and helps with determining where to allocate police resources, and catching thieves in the future.