Spokane travelers react to San Francisco crash

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane travelers react to San Francisco crash

Just a day after the crash in San Francisco, thousands of travelers boarded planes on Sunday at Spokane International Airport.

"A little leery - I feel so bad for the people that were involved," traveler Sandra Owsley said.

"A terrible tragedy," traveler Maria Nelson said about the crash.

Nelson was one of many traveling out of the Spokane International Airport on Sunday just 24 hours after the crash.

"We were watching it as it was developing and they didn't have a lot of information.  I was just more worried about the families that were on the flight. I didn't even think about our flight flying out," Nelson said.

Like many other travelers on Sunday, Nelson didn't seem too concerned about flying so shortly after the crash.

"It doesn't really make me nervous because I know events like this are really rare," Nelson said.

In fact, the NTSB says only 1 in 1.2 million flights end up in an accident. This statistic is probably why many travelers at the airport didn't seem to have any second thoughts about taking to the skies.

"There are accidents in all kinds of transportation methods and it doesn't stick in the mind too much, maybe when we are landing today; otherwise, I have flown a lot so I'm kind of used to it," traveler Joe Wejman said.

"I still think whatever is going to happen is going to happen. You could step off the curb outside and get hit by a car," Owsley said.

In the midst of tragedy, many Spokane travelers echoed an important life lesson - you can't let fear hold you back.

"I think it just happens and you can't worry about it too much or you'll never get in a plane," traveler Jill Wejman said.

"I think whatever will be - will be, you just have to live everyday and do the best you can," Owsley said.

If you are traveling to San Francisco in the next few days, check with your airline before your flight.

While there's no direct flight to San Francisco from Spokane, many of the flights on Sunday that would get you to the Bay Area were delayed or canceled.