Spokane thrift store helps the developmentally disabled

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane thrift store helps the developmentally disabled

About a month ago, the Arc of Spokane opened a thrift store at 808 N. Ruby Street. It will supplement the non-profit's funding and allow them to continue the work they do. The organization helps people with developmental disabilities live meaningful lives in group homes rather than state hospitals and other institutions.

We checked in with the new store's assistant manager Jason Johnson who says there was a huge amount of business when they first opened, and since then, things have obviously slowed down a little. But now the store has a steady flow of customers in and out each day. Whether you're looking for that perfect outfit, sporting goods, or a new set of dishes, chances are they have it at really great prices.

One of the things the management prides themselves on is the quality of product they keep on their shelves. They have a fairly strict intake process to ensure that everything is in great condition and re-sellable.

"We have tried to keep our prices low and affordable knowing that everything is donated and all the money is going back into the community to help those with special needs," said Johnson.

Customer Diane Reuter has shopped at the new thrift store several times since it has opened. She's always been happy with what she has been able to find.

"Even if they get stuff that's not good, they're obviously getting rid of it or sending it somewhere else because the stuff on the floor is pretty good quality stuff," said Reuter.

The other thing that really makes the store unique is that the Arc of Spokane will actually come to your house and get your donations. They can pick up anything from clothes, toys, kitchen ware, even furniture. That's a service that most thrift stores in our area just don't offer. The number to call for donation pick-up is (509) 328-8100.