Spokane shares their 4th of July favorites

Spokane shares their 4th of July favorites

SPOKANE, Wash. - Riverfront Park was full of activities on Independence Day, bringing people out for all types of reasons.

"My plans got canceled and this was the next best place," Corde Cronkhite said. "But this is probably the best place."

"Being with the people I love, and just having fun," Felton Dumas added.

Just having fun? It wasn't too hard to do that. KXLY was having fun asking questions about some 4th of July favorites. First up: hot dog or hamburger?

Dumas said hotdog, while Brandon Watts chose hamburger. Then there's those who deviated from the question:

"Oh, good question," Cronkhite said. "Kettle corn."

Speaking of desserts. We went and talked to the woman operating the ice cream stand and asked what her favorite fourth of July activity was. Her answer?

"Ice cream," Cindy Troxel laughed.

Since it's fourth of July, there is going to be fireworks. So where do people watch?

"I want a nice view where I can see them over the reflection and everything over the water," Watts said.

"Where you end up, is where you're at," Cronkhite added.

Which brings us to our last question: favorite kind of firework?

"The multicolored ones that like crackle and then pop back down," Watts said.

"I like ones that go from blue to purple," his wife Lillymay added.

"The loud bang ones, that kind of sound like a cannon going off," Cronkhite said.