Spokane residents flock to movie theaters to beat the heat

SPOKANE, Wash. - 20817922

Over the last few days many people have tried their best to beat the heat by drinking lots of water and staying in the shade. But there is always one place that's packed when the temperature rises - the movie theater.

With temperatures in the upper 90s, many people in Spokane are finding relief watching a flick on the big screen.

"It is dark, there's no lights, and it's quiet and it's the furthest thing away from the sun," moviegoer Krieg McEuin said.

Often times it's so cool inside the theater that moviegoers, even in this heat, bring along extra layers.

" I get really cold in theaters," moviegoer Janae Davis said, holding up a jacket.

AMC Theater in Downtown Spokane says business has been good during this heat wave. Even on a Tuesday night, there were lots of people getting their tickets at the box office.

"Usually the movie theater is pretty cold and it's really nice because you get to watch movies and have popcorn and stuff," moviegoer Amelia Moore said.