Spokane ready to Pig Out

SPOKANE, Wash. - Pig Out

There was nothing but picture perfect weather for the first day of Pig Out In The Park Friday, the Lilac City's Labor Day weekend festival of food.

Even before the lunch hour rush, people were lining up for Eldon's Original New York Style Italian Sausage.

"It's great Italian sausage. I have it every year here at Eldon's at Pig Out In The Park and they're delicious," Demitri Itskos said.

"Well you know this is a little taste of Spokane and so I thought I'd come down and have one of these fine sausages," Spokane Mayor David Condon said.

And that's how Pig Out got it's start; a chance for chefs to showcase what you might enjoy if you stopped by their restaurants. More than a decade ago Pig Out put Taste of India on the map.

"In 2001 I believe and Pig Out gave us some great exposure because a lot of people in Spokane did not know anything about Indian food," Shireen Khinda of Taste of India said.

Pig Out continues to be a place to sample food you've never even dreamed of. Where else can you find deep fried lasagna, deep fried Twinkies or bacon wrapped corndogs that taste like a kiss from a smoky pig?

"So they're grilled, then sticked, or as I like to say 'stick them up,' dipped in the batter, dipped in the fryer and then they're off to the warmers. It sounds luscious. It is. It's becoming a huge hit here," vendor Daniel Miranda said.

Even the veggie crowd can find something hot and delicious here. Southern roasted corn on the cob is a health food until you add the melted butter.

"It roasts it at 400 degrees and what it does is it catches the corn on fire and gives it that great smoky flavor and it's original, I mean you just can't get good roasted corn," Jim Ammons of Southern Roasted Corn said.

You might want to check with Bill Fast about your Pig Out dessert.

"Free beer! All right we don't got free beer but we got really good shortcake," Bill Fast with Shortcake Haven said.

Fast serves up his shortcake right out of the oven.

"Well we've got strawberry topping, we've got raspberry, fresh huckleberries picked not three days ago," he explained.

So there's quite a lot of fresh and delicious food for you to enjoy at Pig Out, which runs through Labor Day each day from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.