Spokane ranks 4th in auto thefts

SPOKANE, Wash. - Lock you car doors because for the second year in a row, Spokane ranks fourth in the nation for auto theft.

This week, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released the latest statistics on auto thefts across the country. 

In Washington, the 1992 Honda Accord was the most stolen car in 2011, followed by the 1995 Honda Civic. 

Spokane ranks 4th in auto thefts

Spokane resident Sarah Flory has owned a 1995 Civic for the past ten years. She said she is not surprised by the latest statistics. 

"My friend has a 1995 Honda Civic and his car was stolen in Seattle out of his apartment complex," said Sarah. 

Flory said fortunately her car has never been broken into or stolen. She just hopes thieves don't get any ideas. 

According to the NICB, 2,614 cars were stolen in Spokane in 2011, down from 2,763 stolen in 2010. 

The Spokane Police Department said older car models are often targeted by thieves because they are easy to break into, parts are in demand, and they are reliable. 

Yakima is ranked fifth in the nation for auto theft moving up five spots from 2010. 

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