Spokane Police trained for active shooter scenarios

Spokane police trained for active shooter scenarios

SPOKANE, Wash. - In light of the recent mass shootings around the country, the question on many minds is what if something like that were to happen here? Are our local police prepared?

Spokane police say all officers are trained to respond to active shooter situations and that training is ongoing. Police say during these drill, they're trained to head in to take care of the situation immediately rather than wait for SWAT to arrive.

They're scouting our schools, shopping malls, theaters and other public buildings now so that officers know the lay of the land and have an advantage in an active shooter situation.

"We're training with different facilities. We're training with shopping malls. We're training with STA. We're training with all sorts of different community resources and different places in the community so in these situations we're prepared. We're absolutely prepared," Maj. Kevin King, Spokane Police Department, said.

Another advantage of training with community members is that officers are working hand-in-hand with security in those buildings, people who know the cameras, security systems and facilities well.

Police say regardless of the situation they're heading into, they're always well equipped. Officers keep rifles in their patrol cars because they're more accurate and provide more fire power. If they're heading into an active shooter situation, they have the upper hand.