Spokane police shut down Knitting Factory

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane Police Department has temporarily shut down the Knitting Factory in the wake of two separate shootings that injured four people early Monday morning.

Police have responded to four shootings at the Knitting Factory in the last year, including Monday morning's shooting. Police report that just after 2 a.m., two people were shot at the Knitting Factory, where a private party was held Sunday evening. Then, just before 3 a.m. Monday, two more people were shot near Maple Street and Nora Avenue in Northwest Spokane.

The Knitting Factory says they are working with the Police Department and plan to cancel Friday's event as a "cooling off" gesture.

Spokane police shut down Knitting Factory

"The actions of a very, very few people—and incidents like this—tarnish by extension the reputations of venues like ours.  This Knitting Factory and its predecessors have operated a concert venue at this location for nearly ten years.  Over one million patrons have safely enjoyed world-class entertainment at our venue over years of operation," Greg Marchant, Knitting Factory COO, wrote in that statement.

"We've spoken to Police Chief Straub and Mayor Condon's offices to offer our support in the investigation and to redouble our commitment to the safety of our artists and guests.   We hope for a speedy recovery to all involved and to justice for the alleged perpetrators.  We are looking forward to continuing our cultural contributions to the Downtown Arts District at the highest level of quality," Marchant added.

Scratch Restaurant and Rain Lounge are located near the Knitting Factory. General Manager Steve Kessler says he's not worried about the incident hurting business at his two restaurants.

"I don't think it will affect us as much necessary in the short term, it's definitely going to put a lot of people up in arms about shows," Kessler said.

Police report crime so far this year is down 10.5-percent in the downtown area, and Straub said it is community involvement that will keep those numbers going down.