Spokane police reactivate crime tipline

SPOKANE, Wash. - It's now easier to give police a tip, while remaining anonymous. The Spokane Police Department re-activated a tip line Thursday because they need the community's help in calling in nuisance properties, gang violence, and overall crime. 

In many cases, police wish they had more tips. More information on something that happened, or is about to happen. 

On December 30, one man was killed in a gang-related shooting inside a house on North Wall.

"What happened here is absolutely unacceptable and this will not be tolerated in these neighborhoods," Spokane Police Officer Traci Douglas said.

Spokane police tipline

Police said the tenants were a nuisance and attracted a violent crowd, so they were evicted. The neighbors who spoke with KXLY that night said they knew the people were a problem for months and police said they want those types of neighbors to call them.

To help in that effort they've reactivated a tipline and e-mail to make that easier. Officers just need your name and number to call back within 24 hours. Other than that, you'll be anonymous.

"It's just really encouraging those open lines of communication between the citizen and us," Spokane Police Officer Jennifer DeRuwe said.

Your information and cell phones pictures will help in investigations. Instead of taking months to build a case, you could help detectives make it weeks.

"If they reach out to us and give us just the little bits of information we need, that could be the final straw to shut a place down," DeRuwe said.

It's been successful in the past. On January 24, the SWAT team entered a drug house on North Seminole and arrested seven people. They attribute neighbors who wrote down license plate numbers and took pictures with helping in that case.

"Without the component of having the neighbors help me, and give me the information, we wouldn't be here today we can take it and move from there," Spokane Police Officer Paul Taylor said that night.

The phone number is 242-TIPS. They've also set up an e-mail account if that would be easier or if you have a picture to attach. That address is SPDtipline@spokanepolice.org.

Officers said this is not a way to report an emergency; for emergencies you're asked to still call 9-1-1.