Spokane Police looking to hire

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane Police Department is searching for a few good men and women to keep our community safe.
The department will be hiring 5 to 10 officers as soon as possible to help relieve what it's calling critical staffing levels.
"We just don't have a enough resources and the situation is not dire, but it can't get any worse," Lt. Rick Dobrow said.

Spokane Police looking to hire

On Saturday, Lt. Dobrow held an informational meeting at the Spokane Police Academy to educate people about what it takes to be an officer.
"I'll tell you who makes a good officer," Lt. Dobrow said.
"Someone who you and I would want to respond if one if one of our loved ones was in some type of need, that's what I use as the standard . . . We look for people who are sensitive and companionate yet can transition into something where they have command, presence and can come into a chaotic situation and diffuse things," he said.
Earlier this week, Police Chief Frank Straub said he wants people with life experience,  who reflect our diverse community.  He said it would be helpful to have officers who can speak Russian, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese.
The starting salary of an officer is $44,000 a year.  With the city making 10 million dollars in budget cuts this fiscal year, Straub said he's working with the mayor to figure out how to fund new officers.
"The conversations that are going on now is how big should the police department be? How do we grow the police department? How do we have a sustainable funding stream for the police department,''? Chief Straub said.
Chief Straub said he will announce his plan alongside the mayor in the coming weeks.
If you want to apply to be an officer, applications are due May 3rd. For more information: http://www.spokanepolice.org/