Spokane Police investigating northside shooting

Man claims he was showing off car stereo when he was shot in abdomen

Spokane Police investigating northside shooting

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police are investigating a shooting Tuesday afternoon after a man was driven in a private vehicle to Holy Family Hospital with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

The shooting allegedly happened in front of a residence in the vicinity of the intersection of Grace and Thor. The victim, who suffered a single gunshot wound, was taken by private vehicle to Holy Family Hospital for treatment of his injury.

Spokane police first heard about the shooting when the victim was already on the way to the emergency room. By then a friend had taken the wheel and the man was describing his wounds to dispatchers.

"About 12:20 this afternoon we received a 911 call from a male in his thirties who said he had been shot, he wasn't exactly sure of the location where he had been shot although he thought it was somewhere the river and Spokane Community College," Spokane Police Lt. Dave McCabe said.

Police interviewed the victim's friend in the emergency room who directed officers back to the home where it appeared someone may have tried to wash blood off a spot in the driveway.

"He said the shooting occurred when somebody, as he was driving down the street, commented on how nice his stereo was and he agreed to stop and show this person his stereo and when he opened the trunk to this person the speakers and other components he was shot," McCabe said.

At the scene where the shooting allegedly happened, police found wet pavement where someone may have attempted to wash away blood from the shooting.

Despite some confusing initial information, detectives developed probable cause to get a warrant and would later search the home and driveway for evidence of what really happened here and why.

"We would like to find firearms for sure, ammunition, papers indicating who lives here. I understand some of the utilities may have been turned off, so we're not exactly sure that the people we have spoken to so far are even supposed to be here," McCabe said.

No arrests have been made and the shooting victim is in critical condition at Holy Family Hospital.