Spokane Police getting new color-scheme

SPOKANE - The Spokane Police Department is test-driving a new look intended to deter crime before it happens.

The police cars are transitioning to a classic black and white color scheme, one the department hasn't used in more than 20 years. The retro-look has its roots and results in higher visibility.

"We want people to understand when you see black and white on scene, you know it's a police officer, you know you're safe and you know we're going to be there for you and to protect you," Major Craig Meidl said.

New Police cars

Police worry once Ford stops making Crown Victorias, they'll be driving around a different body style. If the replacement cars are black and white they'll be much easier to recognize.

"The new cars are going to get to the factory and will already have the black and white peel on them. They're black cars with white peels," Meidl said.

Existing Crown Victorias will also be getting the new black and white rap and you'll see them out on the streets in October.