Spokane moving to single stream recycling October 1

Changes are coming to Spokane recycling come October 1 when the city switches to single stream recycling.

Single stream recycling means you will be able to mix all of your recyclables into one larger, 64-gallon bin. Current recycling bins are just small, blue18-gallon bins, so the new bins, and the new plan, will allow you to recycle more and make it easier for you to do it too.

Soon 70,000 people across Spokane will know what it's like to recycle just about everything from to junk mail to aluminum foil and everything in-between.

Single Stream recycling

According to Mayor David Condon the community is already great as a recycling city, but with the new single stream program Waste Management will see a 50-percent increase in recycling.

"Our recycle rate for the city is over the statewide average but we would expect this to, you never want to project too much, but would significantly increase our recycle rate," Condon said.

The new technology and streamlined program isn't without it's pitfalls; for example the mayor expects some employees will lose their jobs, though he's hoping they can find work elsewhere in the city.

"We have a community that is pro-environment and the city is a provider of service to work with our customers to do that and in this case it's smart business," he said.

The new 64-gallon recycling bins start going out the week of September 24 and it'll take about five weeks for everyone in the city to receive one. Once you receive yours you're ready to recycle.