Spokane mother still thankful after losing everything in house fire

SPOKANE, Wash. - A single mom and five year old boy are trying to rebuild their lives after they lost everything they owned in a devastating house fire in east Spokane.

"I'm scared, a little bit, " Unconia Al-hajri said.

"I'm just going to pray," she added. 


On Wednesday, Al-hajri went to pick her son from school when her apartment on the top floor of a historic home caught fire.

Within minutes, her apartment was engulfed in flames.

"Realistically there would've been no way for us to get out," she said.

The only way in or out of the apartment was a wood stairway outside the building.  That stairway quickly burned, forcing firefighters to try to get to the top floor by cutting the ceiling inside the home.

At first, firefighters thought Al-hajri and her son were home.  And, that's why they made such a valiant effort to get to the top floor.  In the process, four firefighters suffered injuries ranging from heat exhaustion to second degree burns.

"They are amazing people. I'm so thankful for them, because if we were in there I do believe that they would've tried their hardest, if not getting us out, they would've have given their own life to get us out," she added.

Al-hajri said she would like to personally thank the firefighters for all their hard work and dedication.

Al-hajri is also thankful for the Red Cross, which has put her and her son up in a hotel for two nights.  However, she doesn't know where she'll go next.  If you'd like to help Al-hajri and her son, email Annie Bishop at annieb@kxly.com and she will put you in touch.