Spokane man turns to social media to find kidney donor

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane man, in desperate need of a kidney, is turning to social media to try to find a match.

Kyle Sullivan-Jones recently launched a Facebook page called "Kickstart Kyle's Kidneys" in hopes of finding a kidney donor.

"After 4 days we have had over 57,000 views," he said.


In 2008, he was diagnosed with Alport Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. "Essentially both kidneys fail, you have hearing loss, sometimes your eyesight goes. After 3 years on kidney dialysis, my body is starting to break down a little bit more and getting more weak and tired," he said.

Kyle's friends have been tested to see if they could donate, but they weren't a perfect match. This promoted Kyle to put himself out there in hopes that the right donor is just a click away.

"You know I plunged into this. I just jumped into it and ripped the bandage off," he said.

It's only been a few days since the page launched but the support has been overwhelming. He's had complete strangers reach out to him, wanting to help.

"I am desperate to start my life over again," he said.

Kyle wants to make it clear though, it's not all about him. He hopes his story inspires others to donate life.

"It's about me bringing awareness to people going out there and being living organ donors," he said.

Visit Kyle's Facebook page, 'Kickstart Kyle's Kidneys' http://www.facebook.com/KidneyKyle?fref=ts