Spokane man needs community's help to get kidney transplant

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane man is in desperate need of a kidney transplant and needs help from the community.

Donald White has been battling kidney failure for the last two years. He's constantly monitoring his blood sugar and blood pressure. He's on an insulin pump and has to take shots on a regular basis. 

"It's a daily battle," White said. 

Kidney Transplant Fundraiser

White has been struggling with Type 1 Diabetes since he was 14. Over the years the diabetes has taken a toll on his body.

"Type 1 Diabetes is pretty rough on your body and after the 20 years, it ended up causing kidney failure," he said. 

He was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2011. His doctor says he can't work so he now spends 9 hours of his days on kidney dialysis. 

"It's inspiring. I know I probably wouldn't have the courage to go through everything that he goes through," wife Brandi White said.

White hopes to be done with dialysis soon. He's been on the waiting list for a new kidney/pancreas at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Arizona for the last year.

"You are always on the seat of your pants because as soon as you get the call, you gotta drop everything, no matter what you are doing," he said.

When he gets the call, he only has 12 hours to get to the Grand Canyon State that's why he's asking the community to open up your hearts and wallets and donate if you can.

"Whatever people can do, anything helps," he said.

Most of White's medical costs are covered through his insurance but he still needs about $20,000 to pay for his three month stay in Phoenix. 

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