Spokane hair salon 'Cut-A-Thon' helps local man battling cancer

SPOKANE, Wash - A Spokane hair salon is going to great lengths to help a local man battling cancer.

On Sunday afternoon, 14th and Grand Hair Salon held a Cut-A-Thon to raise money for 33-year-old Matt Hutchinson.
Hutchinson is the father of stylist, Anna Rinehart's daughter. Hutchinson was diagnosed with leukemia last month at the young age of just 33.

Doctors said if he didn't get treatment, he only had a week to live. "Within two hours, I was on chemo and we were headed out ready to go, 30 days in the hospital," Hutchinson said.

Spokane hair salon 'Cut-A-Thon' helps local man battling cancer

Hutchinson is currently undergoing chemotherapy and in a few months, he'll need a bone marrow transplant.

"I felt like I needed to do something so why not use your trade to help?" Rinehart said.
Clients, friends, and even complete strangers like Kris Wolbach showed up at the Cut-A-Thon for a little hair pampering.

"I saw it on Facebook and needed my spring haircut," Wolbach said.
With every snip of the scissors, these hairdressers perfected their craft while they raised money for Matt!
"To have everybody turn around all at the same time, to say hey we want to help you - It's almost hard to deal with it brings me to tears," Hutchinson said.