Spokane girl raising money for shelter animals

SPOKANE - When you think of young entrepreneurs you might think of Mark Zuckerberg, who at age 20 founded Facebook and became a billionaire. But Spokane has its own young entrepreneur - and she's just eight.

We all struggle to find our calling in life, but it came easily at a young age to Kailey Ballestrazze.

Pawprint Rescue video

"If you have a pain on your neck, they feel really good and it makes it all better," Kailey explained while heating up her product in the microwave.

The third grader at Sunset Elementary picks the fabric and sews each rice bag with mom.

"I got blue, and tie-dye blue, and I got these puppies, and I got flowers, then a pink puppy and spider man," Kailey said of her fabric choices.

Once the bags are sewn, Kailey fills them with rice – to be heated or cooled – to melt away your aches and pains.

She calls her business endeavor Pawprint Rescue Team because she has a soft spot for animals – especially zebras.

"I love zebras," Kailey said with a chuckle.

Kailey decided that at $5 a pop, her hand-sewn rice bags could help provide food and toys for local shelter animals.

"I feel kind of sad because they don't have homes," Kailey said.

For two months, Kailey has been making the rounds at local garage sales. She swoops in with her big grin to make the sale. She also sets up a booth at her grandma's garage sales. She's sold 40 bags, which is a $200 profit.

"I'm kind of excited!" Kailey said.

If you missed Kailey at a local garage sale, she set up a website to sell her product: Pawprint Rescue.