Spokane digs out from winter storm

SPOKANE, Wash - City crews - and, the rest of us - were busy Monday, clearing piles of snow from streets and driveways. It's the first big snow storm of the season and caught a lot of people off guard.

Residents in Browne's Addition started to dig out around noon - some, for the second time since they woke up. 

"I waited until it was almost done, so I wouldn't have to do it twice," said Bob Hull, who was clearing sidewalks in the neighborhood.

Spokane digs out from winter storm

The City of Spokane got an early start; they had to, to keep up with snow that started early Monday night and just kept falling.

"The snow is deep enough to require us to get into all those residential streets and get that cleaned up," said spokesperson Marlene Feist.

On Spokane's South Hill, roads were slick enough that even the tow trucks were having trouble. A van from Bob's American Cleaning stopped and couldn't get going again.

"Decided to come up this street and well it didn't work so good," said driver Andrew Thompson. "Didn't get too far so had to just stop."

Fortunately, someone stopped to help him. Other drivers weren't so lucky and had to be towed out of the snow.

"STA routes and arterials, cars should already be gone off of those," said Feist, talking about parking restrictions in place for a Stage 2 snow event. "We are asking people to move cars out of downtown between 2 and 6 so we can do some cleanup work there."

In residential neighborhoods, cars should be parked on the even-numbered side of the street, making way for city and private crews to clear roads before a freeze Monday night.

Not everyone is scoffing at the snow.


"After living through that mess we had - what - three years ago? This is nothing," said Hull "Just a little frosting on the top of the cake."