Spokane Conservation District has big plans for former Spokane Rock Products property

Spokane Conservation District has big...

SPOKANE, Wash. - A property that started as a mining operation, was used to produce asphalt, then sat vacant for a few years, now has a new owner with big plans for the space.

The Spokane Conservation District purchased the former Spokane Rock Products facility on the edge of east Spokane and Spokane Valley.

The property takes up about fifty acres on 4418 E. 8th Avenue.

The Spokane Conservation District hopes to turn the property into a space that the whole community can enjoy.

The Spokane Conservation District is a subdivision of the state government that helps assist land owners in "wise use of natural resources."

The District purchased the land and office building for $1.2 million.

With this purchase, the District will move their offices to the office building already on the property. What they'll do with the rest of the undeveloped property is still in works.

"That's really where we are today," said Director Vicki Carter. "Just figuring out what's here, what we can do with it, what we want to do with it, how it's going to benefit, bringing the community in. I always say, this is not a today project, or a tomorrow project, this is about a future for Spokane and I love the fact that the Spokane Conservation District gets to be a part of something so much bigger."

Carter says they hope to create a green space with trails that the community can enjoy, and educational demonstration areas. They are currently working to create a nursery.

Carter says the Conservation District hopes to partner with other agencies and organizations to create a space people in the surrounding urban area can enjoy.