Spokane City Council President sends illegal e-mail from city account

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart is in hot water for sending out an email from his work account, detailing his stances on the upcoming Special Election.

The email was sent out just before noon on Sunday. While Stuckart is allowed to publically voice his opinions on the election, he isn't able to send out an email to voters about his views through his City of Spokane email address.

"I definitely made a mistake," Stuckart said.

Spokane City Council President sends illegal e-mail from city account

The subject line of the email read, "Mark That Ballot! 1-2-3 YES-NO-YES." Stuckart said he thought a volunteer sent the email out through his personal account. "We use a newsletter service and it just reverted back to my city email address," he said.

On Monday morning Stuckart sent out an apology email to the 1,200 people on his list serve. He also sent an email to the council and city staff, owning up to the error and taking full responsibility for the issue.

"I was more upset last night when I saw it come through. I'm going how can you do this from your city email address and it was a mistake but he apologized and I take him for his words," Councilman Steve Salvatori said.

Councilwoman Amber Waldref also listed her stances on the upcoming ballot in the fifth paragraph of her monthly e-newsletter. Waldref says she sent it from her home computer but it accidently defaulted to her city email address.