Spokane Breweries helping local economy

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Spokane is becoming a destination for beer lovers. The craft beer industry has grow rapidly in the last couple years, helping the economy as a whole.

"There's this energy and momentum right now that is just perpetual, it's awesome," Brian Guthrie said.

Guthrie is a co-owner of Ramblin' Road, the newest brewery to emerge in the area.

"It's a hobby that got way out of control," Guthrie said.

That out of control hobby is the driving force that put 17 breweries on the inland northwest map. Now it's spurring other business ideas.

"There's a lot of really good beer in this area being made," Abbie Speer said. "We want to share that with everybody."

To do that, Speer is starting a beer-canning business set to open in March. She said there's no other business like it in the immediate area.

"There's enough breweries in this area that are popping up and are doing really awesome things and making a lot of good different beers, that we want to get out and to a wider audience," Speers said.

The audience includes beer enthusiasts like Patrick Sawyer. He prefers craft beer because unlike major breweries, there's a social aspect about it.

"You can sit around with friends and you can chat and hang out," Sawyer said. "You can learn more about this history of Belgium beers."

Which is good news for businesses like Ramblin' Road, who rely on locals to keep it running.

"You are drinking something that is made here," Guthrie said. "I mean you're sitting here, ten feet from where the beers being made."