Spokane bar creates controversy over drink name

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane bar creates controversy over drink name

Open less than a day a new bar in Downtown Spokane is already getting backlash from the community over the controversial name of one if its signature drinks.

The Daiquiri Factory served its first drinks on Friday night despite outrage on the bar's Facebook pageover the name of their grape flavored daiquiri, Date Grape Kool Aid. The Daiquiri Factory posted a picture of their menu on Thursday night, but what was meant to be a preview in anticipation of opening night quickly rendered the bar criticism on the social media page.

With comments like, "I am disgusted and mortified by your jest at sexual assault. I can only hope that you will wise up and change the name of your drink." And, " Making excuses for rape jokes is a really great way to make women feel unsafe in your bar." Among a throng of others.

The Daiquiri Factory quickly fired back at the comments on Facebook, saying that people were taking the name out of context. Response comments filled the page and included "There is a thing called fun and a thing called reading way off and beyond the lines" and "Your imagination is a little altered, you're making a drink out to be more than it is, we are not."

The business has since removed many of the response comments like the one above from their Facebook page leaving only the comment "So many flavors to choose from, why concentrate on just one? Join the fun!"

"If you look at daiquiri bars all over the country, and this is the only one in Spokane, all the names are controversial," said Daiquiri Factory owner Jamie Pendleton. He added that the bar, which is sponsored by the radio station 104.5 Jamz, has no intention of changing the name of the Date Grape Kool Aid because of public outcry.

As The Daiquiri Factory enjoyed a soft opening on Friday night, many visitors to their Facebook page vowed not to patron the business because of the drink.

While Pendleton denies that the name was supposed to be a pun, he responded to his critics with a play on words, "It tastes grape."