Spokane baby born without arms gets first prosthesis

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane baby born without arms now has his first prosthesis thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our community.
"We couldn't ask for any more for our baby, the love that we felt from the community is awesome," Brooke Davis said.
In April,  Brooke Davis gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Jameson.  Jameson was born without arms; doctors discovered the abnormality during a routine ultrasound and cannot explain why his arms stopped growing below his shoulders.

Baby born without arms get first prosthesis

Ever since, Brooke and her husband, Jim, have been determined to give Jameson the best life possible.  In November, they started raising money to get Jameson fitted for his first set of prosthetic arms.
"A little boy wrote us a letter saying he wanted to give $5 to Jameson out of his piggy bank just so he could help," Jim Davis said.
After several weeks, they finally raised $25,000 to secure an appointment with Advanced Arm Dynamics in Portland, Ore.
After a week in Portland, Jameson came home with a one of a kind prosthetic arms.
"It's just been amazing to see him like pull this up to his own mouth, before we would have to hold the toy or teether, now he can do it," Brooke said.
The arms also help with hand-eye coordination, vision depth and distance.
At 9 months old, Jameson is a growing boy.  And, his prosthetic arms need to grow with him.  The Davis' estimate Jameson will need myoelectric prosthesis in the next six months.
"Myoelectric means that they will be a prosthesis will pick up on electrical charges in his muscles, in his short arms and it will convert those to movements in the prosthesis," Jim Davis added.
Myoelectric arms could cost the family between $50,000 and $100,000.
A fundraiser is planned for February to help pay for Jameson's new arms.
For more information:
You can also donate through Brooke's blog:  http://davisday2day.wordpress.com/