Spokane airport opens new cell phone parking lot

SPOKANE, Wash. - With Christmas just a week away, many people are packing their bags and heading to Spokane and now there's a new amenity at the Spokane International Airport that's bound to make holiday travel a little easier for everyone.

"It's just convenient, thank you airport," Ranotta McNair said.

McNair is talking about the airport's new cell phone lot that just opened up last month. It gives drivers a safe, secure and free place to hang out before their family and friends get to town.

Spokane airport opens new cell phone parking lot

"You can wait here and by the time they get their luggage, you can pick them up and on you go," McNair said.

Jim Thompson has already used the lot three times. "You come over here and relax, let the puppy dog run around and do her thing and then the wife calls when she has her luggage, we buzz right over there," Thompson said.

People picking up arriving passengers from the airport enjoy not having to circle around the parking lot waiting for their family and friends to get in.

"It's easy to get in and out of, because it has a good flow to it and what I think I am going to really like about it is that you can actually see flights coming in," McNair said.

Cell phone lots are very popular at big airports all across the country. This lot is located right off Airport Drive, just about a minute before you get to the airport terminals.