Spokane 8-year-old gives up birthday gifts to help foster kids

Spokane 8-year-old gives up birthday gifts to help foster kids

SPOKANE, Wash. - An eight year old North Spokane girl is giving up the one day set aside to celebrate her to give to foster kids instead.

Reegan Welch had some typical kid-centric ideas when it came to planning out her 8th birthday party.

"We're going down the water slide and just playing and having fun," she said.

But, when it came to what she wanted her guests to bring, she had a very grown up idea in mind.

"Me and my parents were watching TV and this foster kids commercial came on," she explained. "I told my mom - that's what I want to do for my 8th birthday ... raise school supplies for foster kids."

Reegan's parents, Michael and Larissa, were as surprised as anyone about their little girl's plan to help kids she's never met.

"Nobody asked her, we didn't coach her," said Reegan's dad, Michael. "She came up with the idea on her own."

Where does a child who has never even met a foster kid come up with an idea like this? Her parents aren't exactly sure. Maybe all the lessons they've been teaching are actually sinking in. Or, maybe it's the social justice lessons at St. Aloysius Catholic School, where Reegan will be a second grader this fall.

"We try and live our faith through our actions," said Michael.

Even before the party officially started Wednesday, the school supplies were piling up. Guests will leave the party soaked from the water slide, high on sugar from the cupcakes Reegan made and a little wiser from seeing Reegan's selflessness in action, even on her very own birthday.

"Foster kids don't have much school supplies," she said. "So, I want to do something nice for them."

If you want to help Reegan collect those school supplies, contact me at  MelissaL@kxly.com