SPD: Tips to avoid theft during the holiday season

SPD: Tips to avoid theft during the holiday season

SPOKANE, Wash. -  The holidays can be distracting. Between gift shopping and celebrations, we have a lot on our mind- and thieves can use that against you.

It happened to a woman, shopping last weekend - and, it was all caught on video..

Her purse was stolen right out from under her in a matter of seconds.

Myrna and Stan were shopping at Goodwill on Black Friday.

Surveillance video show a woman, catching sight of Myrna's purse stashed under the items in her cart.

"When she looked away she grabbed the purse and took it around the corner," Stan said.

Myrna didn't realize what was missing until it was too late.

"When I was about to pay for my items, I searched for my purse, it was gone already," she said.

The thief made off with $300 in cash, and other important items, including Myrna's iPad and iPhone.

The Spokane Police Department says a theft like this one is bold, but unfortunately, it happens. This time of year, they see an uptick in property crimes.

Thieves, stealing shopping bags from parking lots and delivered packages from your home.

"Those ones are pretty brazen. what we see volume wise is more prowling, out of a vehicle, out of a house, off of a porch, those types of things," said SPD Officer Shane Phillips.

Officer Phillips says there are ways to decrease your risk of becoming a victim.

"Make sure nothing is in plain sight, make sure the vehicle is locked not warming, make sure your spare key is not in there, and your valuables on on your when you're out, if you did those things your risk goes down significantly," he said.

Unfortunately, it's a lesson Myrna and Stan learned the hard way.

"Just be real careful, watch what people are doing, i think i was more trusting before this happened and now i'll be a lot more careful when i go shopping," Stan said.

SPD says if you witness a property crime in progress, call 911.
Otherwise, report it to Crime Check at 456-2233.